No matter the problem, my main goal is helping you understand your technology to the level necessary for your needs - be that knowing how to do something, such as editing pages on your website, or the technical reasons behind issues that are occurring with your setup so you can personally mitigate them in the future.

No two people’s technology scenarios are the same, and everyone’s needs are different – meaning if your issue does not fall exactly into the categories below I can either help you personally, or help you find someone who can.


I can help you learn how to take full advantage of your devices features, be it specific software/tasks, or just general day-to-day usage. I cover Windows and OSX, along with iOS devices and the full Microsoft Office suite. I offer Computer Training services in Faringdon and surrounding areas. 


Do you need a web presence but don't want to deal with complicated setups? For a one time fee I can create a website for your small business that you will then easily be able to update yourself. Find out more.

install & setup

New devices? Be it a new console that needs parental controls, Apple products you want integrated with your iCloud account, or an entire home media setup - I can do the complicated parts everyone dreads.